Monday, 10 September 2012

Children's Book.

It was my 2nd cousin's 1st Birthdays recently and I wasn't quite sure what to buy the twins so I went into Waterstones and browsed through the picture book section and came across Oliver Jeffers work.

For anyone who doesn't know, Oliver Jeffers is a superb Children's picture book Illustrator who came from Belfast and now lives in Brooklyn in New York. He graduated from Ulster University in 2001.

His book about 'How to Catch a Star' is very effective because it is about a boy who wishes for a star of his very own and children get to see this boy go through various challenges to get one. I think that children can relate to the little boy within the story because of the challenges and struggles.

Above is an image of Oliver Jeffers work and it has inspired me to create a children's book of my very own. Other reasons for why I really like the Illustrators work is because it appears magical and there are so many bright hues used in an effective way.

I think he uses a medium of mixed media but in 'How to Catch a Star' it looks as if he has used watercolours. Also his characters and pictures are simple but effective.

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