Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hanna Werning's work.

Here are some images of Hanna Werning's Wallpaper designs. I absolutely love her designs because they are intricate and very colourful. I love these two images the most (which are off of her website) because she has thought outside of the box. 

Instead of keeping wallpaper inside the house she has placed it outdoors whether that may have been for temporarily or permanently, I'm not quite sure. 

She has cleverly choreographed the first image placing her lily pad wallpaper next to a pond with lily pads. This image almost looks like the wall is reflecting in the water. 

Within the seconded image she has thought about colour well. Her wallpaper design has white and green within it which compliments the staircase and the green leaves.  

Wallpaper Designs of the Two Brothers Image.

Ok, here I used the original image of Two Brothers by Brother's Grimm fairytales. I really enjoyed this project. I like silhouettes, neutral hues and patterns that can be used for things like T-shirt Designs, dress designs, curtains, wallpaper and wrapping paper etc. 

I really like the blue image in the top right hand corner because the hues don't quite suit a forest theme but it is nice to see this image in a different colour from the original. Hanna Werning used her wallpaper designs in a garden and I really liked that idea. I wonder what these images would look like on a wall and is it possible to get one off wallpapers made? Thanks for taking the time to read this post. 

Wallpaper/Wrapping paper Design Ideas.

Ok, I quite like the idea of different themes of Wallpaper and Wrapping Paper Designs. I love walking into Paperchase and looking through all the designs on the mugs, pencil cases, books, wrapping papers and cards. 

Maybe my designs could be used for places like Paperchase? Who knows but at the moment I am really enjoying creating images that could be used for patterns. Maybe these designs could even go on dresses and T-shits! 

Queen of hearts.

A while ago a friend of mine asked me to Photoshop an image for her and add the quote "The only time when you run out of chances if when you stop taking them". I decided to create an image of the Queen of Hearts card because I thought that playing a game of cards was a little like 'taking chances'. 

The first image I created my making a large card out of paper and scanning it into the computer. Next I used Photoshop to edit the original image of my friend leaving the background blank. I hand drew the writing and used the same colour of her hair for the hue of the hearts. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.   

Russian Doll Photoshop images.

A while ago I used an image from Google just to experiment with Photoshop. I quite like Russian Dolls and I wouldn't mind drawing my own image of a Russian Doll and turning it into Wallpaper or Wrapping paper. 

African Animals Experimentations.

Here are a few experimentations of the original African Animals image. I really like the composition of black and white against one another. This image feels very oriental and I really like the way the third image is broken up with a white boarder. 

I really like the second image the most because ever since I created the Brother's Grimm fairytale of The Two Brothers in University, using silhouettes and looking at Hanna Werning's work I have really loved Wallpaper Designs. 

I really like the different themes I have created so far such as the forest in the story of the Two Brother's and The African Animals. Next I might create an image for Halloween because it is coming up soon. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. 

African Animals Experimentation.

Here is another manipulation of the original African Animals picture using the programme